Ecodove is a shared knowledge portal helping our community to make research driven decisions as we aim to live more sustainably. Our aim is to stay positive and open minded and share independent, science-based research. We are similar to ecowarriors; we just don’t want to fight about it.
Each journey to sustainability is unique – our intentions at Ecodove are not to tell you how great we are at sustainability, or what you should be doing to be more sustainable.
Living more sustainably is an aim, not an outcome. There is no finish line, and there are always compromises. For every forward step I take in my sustainability journey, there are often three steps back….like the time I bought an electric car to reduce our household emissions and three months later my husband bought a diesel camper van – it was unavoidable – we love camping, and I’m too old to sleep in a tent.
I try not to be too judgmental of myself when I try and fail, and I am equally not judgmental of others who are either not bothered, too busy, or simply have other priorities. Life is complicated, and we are all doing the best we can! I recognize that pursuing eco-friendly ways of living is a luxury. My aim in sharing successes, failures, and information via the Ecodove community is only to inform.

About our Founder

In founding Ecodove, Katie Tamblin is turning her 20+ years’ experience supporting business clients with data driven insights and analysis to help individuals make more informed decisions about how to achieve their own sustainability goals in daily life.
Katie is a recognised leader in Sustainability Performance Management, with expertise in assessing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance of industrial supply chains.
Katie holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics from Wake Forest University and a Masters of International Development and Environmental Policy from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
Katie was awarded Membership in the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply in 2015 as a result of her work supporting procurement professionals throughout her career. Katie is a regular advisor to market research firms in the areas of Supply Chain Risk software and ESG Rating Systems.
Katie grew up in Athens, Georgia, USA, and is settled with her husband, two children and dog in Hertfordshire, England. She speaks multiple languages – including American, British, and Economics. Her Spanish and French leave a lot to be desired.

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