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Watching What’s Underfoot: Sustainable Flooring Options

I have really struggled with choosing a floor material that has the right balance of affordability, durability, and sustainability. There are so many options! When I started exploring them online, I quickly recognized the differences in cost, durability, and environmental impact are astonishing. There is a lot to consider.

Timber Cladding

When undertaking a house build project, there are lots of ways to dress up the exterior of your home. When pursuing rural builds, timber cladding is a clever way to help a home to blend into the landscape. However, when cladding is part of the design, then comes a sometimes overwhelming choice: what sort of cladding should I use? Timber is a renewable resource, but is it the most sustainable? The most practical? The best value for money? 

Sustainability 101

Ecodove has teamed up with Metta and Hive Founders to deliver a Sustainability 101 course aimed at founders of startups. ... Sustainability 101

To Be or Not To Be Vegan: Is that the right question?

About 3 and 1/2 years ago. My husband had a very concerning blood test in which we discovered that his cholesterol was surprisingly and frighteningly high. My husband decided to go strictly vegan for 6 weeks.

Carbon Footprint: The Food We Eat

You've probably seen this statement if you read sustainability news: going fully vegan could reduce the carbon footprint associated with the food you consume by up to 73%. However, many sources misquote this statistic, and state that going vegan could reduce your overall carbon footprint by up to 70 or 80%. This is not true.

Sustainable Eating: the Food Choice Decision Tree

Food choice is becoming a divisive issue. Fad diets, social media influence, and the general narrative around plant-based dieting is responsible for a lot of misinformation and greenwashing aimed at selling food products. We look at what is really good, better, and best for the environment and share tips on how to make more sustainable food choices without adopting a strict diet.

Ecodove is a shared knowledge portal outlining experiences, tips, and lessons learned on how to live more sustainably.

The aim is to stay positive and open minded and share independent, science-based research to help all of us be better informed. We recognise that we’re all on a journey. Along the way we all get some things right and some things wrong so we’re not here to judge anyone. We live in the real world, and at times, other priorities get in the way.

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