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To Be or Not To Be Vegan: Is that the right question?

About 3 and 1/2 years ago. My husband had a very concerning blood test in which we discovered that his cholesterol was surprisingly and frighteningly high. My husband decided to go strictly vegan for 6 weeks.

Sustainable Eating: the Food Choice Decision Tree

Food choice is becoming a divisive issue. Fad diets, social media influence, and the general narrative around plant-based dieting is responsible for a lot of misinformation and greenwashing aimed at selling food products. We look at what is really good, better, and best for the environment and share tips on how to make more sustainable food choices without adopting a strict diet.

Saving pennies on your pasta

Pasta is quite an important subject in Italy. Italian companies produce on average 3.6 millions of tons of pasta each year, and Italians eat approximately 23 Kg each per year. Given the rise in gas prices and increasing awareness of the impact our food consumption has on the environment, many have rediscovered a way of cooking pasta that was used more than 300 years ago, in the eighteenth century.

Does eating soy products carry risks for the environment?

With the world chasing meat replacements, and a fair share of that coming from soy protein, a lot of people are scratching their heads wondering about the impact of this excess demand for soy products. After all, soy production is associated with habitat loss and deforestation in Latin America. So, on the whole - is soy sustainable?

The Honey Trap

Does going vegan mean honey is off the menu? Or, if my food choices are made in hopes of driving positive sustainable outcomes, should I eat honey in order to secure the future of honeybees? In this article, we look at the research related to declines in pollinator populations, what it could mean for future food security, and how demand for honey as a food crop impacts pollinator populations as a whole.

Making your weekly shop more sustainable

There are lots of ways we can make our weekly shop more sustainable. Here we look at three ways we can reduce the impact on our environment of our weekly shop.

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